Shri Shankar Arts and Commerce College, Navalgund

Aims and Objects

  1. To provide education to the rural youths of famine striken areas.
  2. To disseminate the knowledge of justifiable ways of Trade, Commerce and Industry to the children of business community.
  3. To educate and raise the standard of living of the sons and daughters of the oppressed classes.
  4. To raise the status of women-folk in rural areas by providing quality education at affordable cost.
  5. To equip the rural students with the latest knowledge of Science and Technology.
  6. To generate self-employment opportunities.
  7. To enable the student to attain self-confidence, self-reliance, positive thinking, will-power, power of concentration etc.
  8. To inculcate the sense of liberty, equality, fraternity, patriotic zeal, religious tolerance, peaceful co-existence and secular out-look.
  9. To make the students render selfless service to the community at large and develop leadership qualities.
  10. To make the youth disciplined, dedicated and responsible citizens of the country.